Monday, July 31, 2006 - Posted by Nana
Dr. Ozawa told Papa to give me three drops of medicine in the morning and at night. But there's a problem. I like this medicine veeery very much, and the bottle is already almost empty. Maybe I should pretend that my belly still hurts. Then Papa would take me to see Dr. Ozawa again and he would give me more medicine!


The Fat Lady Sings on Monday, July 31, 2006:

She's looking so much better Javi! Bright, alert - she seems to have healed beautifully. What a relief! You must feel like a huge weight has been lifted from your shoulders.

Jodi on Monday, July 31, 2006:

Wow! Nana does like that medicine! What an adorable video!

Meaghan on Tuesday, August 01, 2006:

I wouldn't do that if I were you, Nana. You might get addicted to the medicine and want to take it all the time instead of writing blog entries, and we would miss you!

I love your little tail, , but my rat Ronnie wonders how you can ever balance yourself without a big long tail like hers!

fate on Tuesday, August 01, 2006:

AHHH! the start of the video semmed scary because there was a sound,a ascary sound and then you hand appeared out of nowhere grabbing Nana but thats okay since you didnt hurt her and stroked her at the end

Daniel Fitzgerald on Tuesday, August 01, 2006:

Javi, very cute videos of Nana. Please out more on youer site and some of Luna maybe. I wonder if she will get addicted to that medicine, could be potentialy problematic.
Keep updating your site, i check it every day and it allways cheers me up. My hamster honey likes it to.

Hector Pagoda on Tuesday, August 01, 2006:

Whoa! Check out that tongue! She looks fantastic - what a lucky hammie!

J-Lan on Tuesday, August 01, 2006:

nana, you're s0o pretty. c:
heheh. you look s0o much better now. yay!
and at least u like your medicine.. mine tastes horrible :c

Jenny on Tuesday, August 01, 2006:

Awwwww...lookit the little hammie feets!

Tanya on Tuesday, August 01, 2006:

I love this video. I wonder how the medicine tastes ;)Preetyful hamster <3

Maveline on Wednesday, August 02, 2006:

Nana, You are a lucky girl. Papa obviously loves you very much! I hope you recover completely very soon.

Norma on Wednesday, August 02, 2006:

Joder, Habi-san, casi todo lo que te comentan son tías. xD

A ver cuando nos vemos por MSN.

Ya me contarás qué tal va lo de tu visado.

Kissu. :*

Demonoid1325 on Thursday, August 03, 2006:

You are kidding me right? IT IS A HAMPSTER PEOPLE! The hampster cannot read whatever the hell you're putting on here. The owner does. And what the fuck is with this babytalk, as so pathetically written by fate.

Grow up people. Kill the neopets and realize that yes, while it is a great thing the fuzzball survived surgery, she would still look great in a wok.

Grace and Andy Hambo on Thursday, August 03, 2006:

brautiful hamster. We're glad she's feeling better. Andy Hambo say's he's got a thing for blonds. let Nana know she has a fan.

Scamper on Thursday, August 03, 2006:

I'm so glad your medicine tastes good
and your taking it like your supposed
to. Your such a good girl and seem to
be healing really well. When do you
get your stitches out? How is Luna
doing? We haven't heard from her in
a while. Please don't pay any attention
to the comments by Demonoid1325. This
person is hateful and should not have
joined this site.

Demonoid1325 on Thursday, August 03, 2006:

OK, Scamper, don't try and tell others how to feel about me. You obviously never got past childhood to accpet reality. And guess what? I didn't join the site. I just enjoy watching you people cry and whine "Oh noes! Someone had an opinion I didn't like! I'm going to whine!" You people are so pathetic.

Michelle on Thursday, August 03, 2006:

Whatever happened to Coco? How's he doing?

georgie on Thursday, August 03, 2006:

Demo, you're such a grumpypants! So so grumpywumpy silly.

Jenny on Thursday, August 03, 2006:

Demonoid, if you're going to make an attempt at contributing some 'constructive' critisism on this site, I would advise you to check your spelling next time. Bad spelling takes away from your credibility.

mariser on Friday, August 04, 2006:



mariser on Friday, August 04, 2006:


along with Georgie, I wonder. how's Coco doing? is he still part of your wonderful menagerie?

Carlita on Saturday, August 05, 2006:

Nana when u were in surgery i re-worded this song 4 u:
I will survive

First I was afraid I was petrified.. didn't know how I'd live without luna by my side. Then you took me to the vet and so I thought to the world I'd say so long, but I grew strong , I found how to get along! And so I'm back, from outer space, with that adorable hamster look right upon my face... even though I had blood under my tail u think I'd crumble?! U think I'd actually fail?! o no not I!I will survive! for as long as I know how to naw I know I'll stay alive! Hey! Hey! I will survive!!!!!
(:3 <--hamster

Carlita on Saturday, August 05, 2006:

To Demonoid1325: If u hate this site so much then leave unless, like I suspect, u are an immoral,lifeles, grossly obese,person who sits at the computer all day doing nothing except pick on poor defenseless animals and others who have an opinion on ur opinion.. o that reminds me! U are a hypecrit! Someone had an opinion on ur opinion that u didn't like so u whine like a 2 yr. old, wait that is insulting...TO THE 2 YR. OLDS!! U try and cover up ur whining by critizicing others! U ARE A PIG,A HYPECRIT AND A NEANDERTHAL! U don't even deserve the time I'm taking out of my life to tell u this if u ever try and comment on this site I will personally execute u!!!

Min on Saturday, August 05, 2006:

My hamster has to take this liquid medicine too. But the problem is she hates it, she keeps struggling!

To Everyone: Ignore the Demonoid guy.

To Demonoid1325: If you don't like what you see, just go away and find some site that promotes hamsters in woks.

jaypo on Sunday, August 06, 2006:

Nana, You're a very special girl to take your medicine so quickly and Papa is proud of you!

Cristal on Monday, August 07, 2006:

Que buena que es! Parece mentira que le pueda gustar tanto una medicina... pero asi mejor, porque se la toma sin problemas y se cura rapidamente :)
Que tal está Coco?

Such a good girl! It's astonishing that she likes her medicine so much... but that's better because she doesn't fight and can heal quickly :)
How' Coco doing?

Cristal on Monday, August 07, 2006:

y la pequeña Luna? Me recuerda mucho al hamster que tuve... es igual!

And the little Luna? She reminds me the hamster I had... she's exactly the same!

Meaghan on Monday, August 07, 2006:

Regarding Demonoid1325: DO NOT FEED THE TROLL.

fate on Monday, August 07, 2006:

why dont you rot in your own fieces Demon you nothing but a complainer who needs to get a life and need help ( mentally) so why dont you stop picking on these fantastic sights and GET A LIFE

Courtney on Tuesday, August 08, 2006:

Nana is such a sweet hammie! I could never get my gerbils to take medicine so calmly. Too much squirming. I'm glad she'd doing well.

KorBua on Wednesday, August 09, 2006:

Good girl! I have prob taking medicine, so hopefully next time the doc will be so kind to give me medicine that taste as good as urs. :)

Pablo on Thursday, August 10, 2006:

Please, everyone, IGNORE this Demonoid person. He/she? obviously is starved for attention. Maybe he/she? will learn to get attention in a more pleasing way if the bad behavior is not rewarded.

Christina and vanessa on Friday, August 18, 2006:



Demonoid1325 on Thursday, August 24, 2006:

*laughs* You know Jenny, maybe if I really wanted to know what you have to say, I would beat it out of you. But you don't matter so I really don't care. Besides, you condemn MY spelling?
fate, you finally tried growing some balls. Too bad they got stuck inside Carlita.

You people all need a reality check. You oggle over hampsters that are dead, or going to die soon. But hey, you want to spend your online time wasting it with this nonsense? Enjoy.

Oh, and by the way Pablo: Don't judge me. If anything you are the ones that need attention. For the pathetic mess inside your skulls.

loneroze on Thursday, August 24, 2006:

Demonoid, you seriously need to get lost. You are not welcome here. One would think that you would have realized this beforehand, but sadly, some skulls are just too thick to get through.

Melissa on Monday, August 28, 2006:

Demonoido,what's wrong with you?
Seriously I'm so sorry for you...
Sad ,poor guy....
Maybe you need some help.....

Budd on Friday, September 15, 2006:

I love sites such as The pictures and comments to them are adorable! They are a great way to get a good chuckle or a deep belly laugh even. These days life in general is pretty serious most of the time, so it's great to find sites that cater to laughter and the lighter side of life.

Regretfully, there's always going to be at least one "stick in the mud" attempting to stir things up such as this Demonoid1325. This person reminds me of "Murphy" as in Murphy's law.

This type of individual usually have nothing better to do than harass, degrade and/or ridicule others. They often have little to say to anyone at any time, unless it's to be negative or belittling of those around them.

Furthermore, attitudes such as Demonoid's scream volumes giving deep insight to his/her psyche! Demonoid likely has an unconscious wish for attention... maybe didn't get enough from family as a child or got the wrong kind; otherwise what's the point of voicing their obviously caustic opinion, on a site such as this one.

Personally, it's my humble belief "D1325" suffers from depression, has a difficult time in making & keeping friends (or a job for that matter) and likely suffers insomnia too. Unable or unwilling to accept anyone else's opinion regardless of topic and is likely angry and moody most of the time as well.
Just food for thought... ;-)
Canine Psychologist & Psychoanalyst

P.s. If I were able to prescribe something for Demonoid1325 it would be animal affection therapy... and a hefty daily dosage of esteem, followed by at least 4 sessions a day at 30 minutes per session, laugh therapy, as in movies of animals and their antics, such as has or funniest home video's. Maybe then, you'll find a sense of humor and understand attacking what is on this site, only makes you look pathetic.

cooper moore on Sunday, October 29, 2006:

I like your site but I have a question...
My son's girlfriends hampster is loosing his hair any suggestions?

Senshi Mizaka on Saturday, November 04, 2006:

I hear you all the way, Budd. People like Demonoid are in no position to criticize what we do in our spare time. We have a term for people like him: Trolls. Besides, we know that hamsters can't read, it's just fun to play along with how the owner sets up his journals. It doesn't make us less intelligent and mature than we really are. I talk to my cats that way sometimes. And one more thing, none of use are losers with absolutely no life and do nothing but go on the internet all day. It's clear that Demonoid is the one who needs a reality check. You are an insesitive cretin with nothing better to do but harass people with different interests.

Steph on Wednesday, December 13, 2006:

Demonoid do you have anythink else to do but insult poor inasent hamsters?

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